Testimonials and Unsolicited Customer Comments

We truly enjoy meeting new people and taking them out for an action packed fishing adventure. Here is what some of them have to say about fishing with us.

Hi Captain Tony (DeFlippo),

How are you?

Thank you again for the awesome outing on Traverse Bay on August 5!  My 7-year old son Aidan and I had a wonderful time, and the approximately 30 nice smallies that we landed and released over about 5 hours were absolutely terrific.  I have fished with  guides from the upper Niagra River to the flats of Venice Louisiana, and been able to take Aidan on several of these trips.  However, none have been more enjoyable and produced more nice fish than our trip with you.

First, there was the bag of goodies (hat, stickers, lures, etc) you put together for Aidan.  What a nice touch and ice-breaker (Aidan has been so proud of "his fishing stuff" that you gave him).  It was probably about 4 pm when you launched your boat (as I recall a nice ~20 ft Nitro with plenty of depth sounders and GPS equipment, 225 hp Merc and powerful bow-mount trolling motor, which was put to good use). We took a short ride and were on a spot and fishing within less than 15 minutes. We used simple, very nice spinning gear and artificial lures, and got to do a lot of casting, which I find an enjoyable way to fish.  You also did a really nice job introducing me and Aidan to the few nuances of your gear and recommended techniques.  Even more tremendous, we were hooked up within a minute or two of getting started and landed about 10 within that first hot hour!  All those smallies fought hard, and most of them also got airborne, maintaining their reputation.  It was fairly windy, which kept you busy on the trolling motor keeping us positioned over the good spots.  However, it was never uncomfortable, and you, your boat and trolling motor were well up to the task.  We worked around a variety of spots landing about another 10 over the next 2-3 hours.  Then there was that last hour at another hot spot which produced about another 10 nice ones, including that in the attached photo.  By then it was about 9 pm and heading into dusk, and although we probably could have fished a little longer, Aidan and I were happily satisfied and tired. So you headed back to the launch, got the boat out, and we were on our way home before dark.  Had our camera battery not died, we might have taken more pictures, however, we were having so much fun fishing, we really didn't want to mess with the camera anyway.

Quite simply an awesome trip that I would recommend to anyone!  Please feel free to use this as an endorsement.

Thank you.

Best regards,
Tony R.

Hello All,

My two boys and I recently spent a day on the water with Capt Tony and we had a blast. Tony is not only a GREAT fishing guide but a wonderful person to just be around he was so help full with my two boys taking the time to explain ways to them to make fishing easier. I would highly recommend Tony to anyone looking to catch fish and have a great time on the water.

Gary B.